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Saturday April 13 , 2024

Wildflower Turf - Simple Installation

image16highres-BDWAs you know we are keen at Blue Daisy to help our pollinating insects as much as we can and wildflower meadows are things we've been considering using for some time since they are such important resources for our pollinators - and look so beautiful too.  But wildflower meadows are hard to get going from seed so we've been on the lookout for a simple, but guaranteed way to introduce pieces of native wildflower meadows to our gardens and garden designs.   We're really excited to say that we've found the perfect solution.

We are proud to now be an accredited partner of Wildflower Turf Ltd - the award winning specialists and market leaders in the wildflower turf business. If, like us, you were one of the millions that watched the Olympics opening ceremony in 2012, or are a fan of the Harry Potter movies, you'll already be familiar with the wildflower turf that we are now working with.

The difficulties associated with creating wildflower meadows from seed has been overcome with wildflower turf, a solution that is simple to install and offers guaranteed results. What's more, once we've installed it it's easy to maintain too.  Watering following installation and a yearly mow is all you'll need to do for years to come.

Installing Wildflower Turf

Preparing ground for laying wildflower turf

Step 1 - Prepare the ground

Firstly we'll need to take off any existing turf or vegetation.  We'll deal with any weeds and dig over or rotovate the area before raking it.  We'll remove large stones, roots and any clods of earth that won't break down.

Wildflower turf is suitable for most soil types.  Free draining and non-compacted soil will work best but it will still thrive on fairly heavy clay!

Wildflower turf can be used on any size project too - even a 2m x 1m patch of wildflower meadow is worth having and this same process applies.

Ideally we'll give the soil a good soaking and then leave it for 48 hours...

Laying the wildflower turf

Step 2 - Lay the wildflower turf

Once the soil is prepared it's time to lay the turf.

Wildflower turf is a soil-less system - its underside is a thick root mat so when we're laying the turf we have to ensure the roots of the turf are in contact with the soil.  If they are the turf will establish well. 

Another benefit of the thick root mat is that it acts as a weed suppressant. This means that the wild flowers in the turf will establish well before any weed seeds in the soil can become competitive with them - clever!

Once laid the turf will need to be kept well watered for the first week (depending on the weather), and mustn't be allowed to dry out for the first 2-3 weeks after laying. This is crucial for the meadow to establish well.

Resultant wildflower meadow

Step 3 - Enjoy your wildflower meadow!

Once installed and established the wildflower turf will tend to cope with most circumstances but for its first growing season it's important to water it occasionally (especially during extended dry spells).

Maintenance of your wildflower meadow is very low key!

It will need to be cut down in the autumn after the plants have set and shed their seeds.  The cuttings will need to be removed from the area too - but that's it.  The annual cut and removal of cuttings will leave you a tidy area over the winter but more importantly a healthy wildflower meadow.

If you stick to this simple regime your wildflower meadow will come back year after year.

Blue Daisy are accredited partners of Wildflower Turf Ltd

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Wildflower meadows are sustainable.

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Wildflower meadows are stunning.

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