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Friday May 24 , 2024

Wildflower Meadows

wildflowermeadow-BDWWhat do you think of when we say the words 'wildflower meadow'?  For us it's an immediate throw back to our childhoods and those lovely, lazy summer evenings when, in the lowering light of the sun, you could see the insects hovering, and butterflies darting and diving, over a sea of bobbing daisies. 

All very nostalgic and beautiful but sadly today it is estimated that the UK has lost over 98% of its wildflower meadows.  Not only is this a profound loss of beauty in our landscape but it's a significant loss of habitat too. 

Why are we telling you about this?  Because we want to help reverse the current trend and bring back wildflower meadows to a place near you.  Very near you actually - in your garden to be specific.

Now you might think that a wildflower meadow requires lots of space, and you'd be right in a literal sense of the term but did you know that even the smallest of gardens can accommodate a piece of wildflower meadow in them?  And that even a tiny patch can help make a difference?  Imagine how many gardens there are in the UK - gardens cover a vast expanse of the UK landscape - and if they all had a little patch of wildflower meadow in them, collectively they could add up to an awfully big 'meadow'!

And why would that be a good thing?  Because wildflower meadows are really important building blocks of biodiversity.  Defined as 'the degree of variation of life found in an ecosystem', biodiversity is essentially a measure of how healthly an ecosystem is and wildflower meadows are one of the most biodiverse types of ecosystem out there. Loads of really beneficial insects and pollinators can thrive in a wildflower meadow and in turn we benefit from their work.  We are so dependent upon our pollinators and by hosting a small patch of wildflower meadow in our garden we can really help give them a boost.

Wildflower meadows, in short, are simple, sustainable and stunning.  And now Blue Daisy can install a patch of wildflower meadow in a garden very near to you because we are now accredited partners of Wildflower Turf Ltd, the award winning, market leaders in the provision of wildflower turf... read on for more information about this exciting new product.

Blue Daisy are accredited partners of Wildflower Turf Ltd



Wildflower meadows are simple to install.

Simple Wildflower Meadows



Wildflower meadows are sustainable.

Sustainable Wildflower Meadows



Wildflower meadows are stunning.

Stunning Wildflower Meadows

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