pollinator4The RHS has recently released an additional plants for pollinators list - this time focusing on native wildflowers - many of which are also good for inclusion in our gardens.

The plight of our pollinators was highlighted in our recent Pledge for Pollinators article. We are passionate about trying to help our pollinators who are in serious trouble right now and whilst the reasons for their decline are varied and complex part of the problem can be attributed to the reduction in the abundance of wildflowers in the countryside.

The new list contains over 200 wildflower plants and the cultivated garden plants list that we linked to in our previous article has now also been extended to include over 400 plants.

Our gardens are becoming increasingly important in the fight to help our pollinators and we can make a real difference by including as many plants as possible in our planting schemes that are good sources of nectar and pollen.

We're doing our bit at Blue Daisy - for every planting scheme that we do we're pledging that at least 50% of the plants we include will be pollinator-friendly. That's our pledge - and you can pledge to do the same too - take the pledge, please, and support our pollinators before it's too late!

Download your copy of the new RHS lists here:

The RHS wildflower plants for pollinators list

The RHS garden plants for pollinators list