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Friday March 05 , 2021

Testimonial - Lynn

Hello Nicki

I hope this finds you well and looking forward to the Spring weather we have recently glimpsed.

Thank you so much re the advice and installation of the wildflower turf in my garden. As you know, I had a short but very wide steep 45 degree slope in one section of my garden which was proving consistently difficult to

manage- brambles, weeds you name it. As a pensioner I have found it increasingly difficult to manage that area. However, I found out that you installed wildflower turf which needed cutting back just once a year and.... well, now I have the turf laid. That is one section of the garden that I will never have to bother about again as I plan on having you come cut it back each year for me. A weight off my mind.

I just want to say that your man absolutely meticulously and thoroughly prepared the ground the week prior to installation and he went over it all with a fine tooth comb. It took him a whole day as there were years of roots in that area, which is why I couldn't cope with it. This house dates back to around 1840 and I think those roots must have been there most of that time.....???

On the day of installation, your Chris made final preparation, getting rid of anything that may have surfaced. He has done a fantastic job Nicki and I'm not joking when I say that he laid the wildflower turf as carefully as if it were a piece of needlework. It is immaculate, and I wish you were here to see it.

In a village like this, nothing goes unnoticed. I went to a film evening in the village hall last week and was told I was having turf laid.!

Someone else said 'yes, wildflower turf'. Can't get away with anything here!! Several people have asked to come see it when it is in bloom....

Personally I can't wait.

Plus, I'm looking forward to encouraging all the insects, bees etc.. to my garden.

Anyway Nicki, the wildflower turf looks just great so far. For me, little steps, little steps. I'm gradually, and as funds allow, working around my garden and it's going to be beautiful.

Thanks again Nicki for being so helpful. Your Chris is an absolute asset to your team and he has done a fabulous job. I have never ever, in my 30 years here, seen the soil in that area of my garden look so pristine!

Things change and I may yet have more wildflower turf elsewhere -but shall wait and see what this area produces.

Thanks again Nicki for your help and support. I confess I was over the moon when you confirmed that wildflower turf would be suitable for that awkward area. I can't wait for it to grow. By the way, I'm looking after it and making sure it doesn't dry out.

Looking forward to working with you and your team again.


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